Knowledge and skills

  • Character analysis
  • Comprehension
  • Discussing books
  • Group discussion
  • Making predictions
  • Speaking and listening
  • Story characters
  • Story elements
  • Story structure
  • Asking questions
  • Creative thinking
  • Enquiry skills

Lovers of literature subconsciously interrogate text as they read. It’s a handy skill to pass on to your new reading detectives.

Knowledge and skills

  • Discussing books
  • Reading for pleasure
  • Reading widely

Motivating children to read is one of the biggest challenges that teachers and parents face. We look at strategies that help.


Talk to your class about what it takes to be a critical thinker with this cool school infographic.

It can be tricky choosing the right book and sometimes children can be put off if they pick a book that they struggle to get in to.

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Look at the story from different characters points of view – we look at Ranjit, Naani and Mrs Bannerjee. 

An evil black liquid is stopping the sun from shining on Aliikai’s Kingdom of Pearls. She has to find a way to rid the sea of it and she can’t do it alone. 

Use our 'Sea words' resource sheet for looking at shades of meaning with words describing different kinds of waves.

Look at the story from different characters points of view – we look at Ranjit, Naani and Mrs Bannerjee. 

Knowledge and skills

  • Character plot and setting
  • Vocabulary development
  • Speaking and listening
  • Group discussion
  • Building on others’ ideas

Reading Ranjit’s Rainbow Tigers beautifully conjures up the sights and sounds of an Indian bazaar but what is it about the author’s writing that helps us to build the picture in our mind’s eye?

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