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Try out this simple lemon drizzle cake recipe at school or home.

Two Ranjit's Rainbow Tigers themed posters defining synonyms and antonyms.

There’s a lot going on in the life of our little creature in A Grub’s Tale. We see how his life is a mystery to him and without a parent or brothers and sisters, he is worried and unsure of his future.

Discuss word choices and how a word can affect the mood of writing with these synonyms.

Reading Ranjit’s Rainbow Tigers beautifully conjures up the sights and sounds of an Indian bazaar but what is it about the author’s writing that helps us to build the picture in our mind’s eye?

Children’s writer and poet Jenny Heap takes a journey down to the sea and helps  us use our senses to create some beautiful poetry.

Louise Dobson, teacher at St John’s Stonefold CE Primary School, explores the colour of words and shades of meaning in Tao and the Kingdom of Pearls.

Creating a book trailer is a great way to pique interest in books and here you'll find all the tools you need to make one for our Myths and Legends story.

Poet and writer Heather Harrison started to write stories early in life and continued throughout her career as a teacher. She talks to us about her inspiration for the retelling of the Lambton Worm.


Literacy consultant, Maria Richards explains how to use the successful ‘Talk for Writing’ approach with The terrible tale of the Lambton Worm.

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