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Knowledge and skills

  • Comprehension
  • Discussing books
  • Asking questions
  • Vocabulary development
  • Critical thinking

Comprehension activities don’t need to be dull – try out some of these quick ideas from Nicky and Ginny of Morris and Simmons Education, then put children’s knowledge and understanding to the test with a class quiz finale.

Knowledge and skills

  • Storytelling
  • Story writing
  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Writing techniques
  • Vocabulary development

Sports Day on Mount Olympus provides heaps of opportunities for exploring language in a fun and engaging way. The story is full of colourful expression, simile and hyperbole – and children will enjoy being language detectives and identifying the different writing techniques that the author uses.

Knowledge and skills

  • Using the senses
  • Reading and listening to poetry
  • Contemporary poetry
  • Vocabulary development
  • Writing poetry
  • Health and well being
  • Building on others' ideas

Performance poet Joshua Siegal gives his top hints and tips on using poetry in school.

Knowledge and skills

  • Persuasive writing
  • Vocabulary development
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Nutrition and healthy eating
  • Empathy

Give your class all the tools they need to become master influencers with this excellent lesson on persuasive writing.

Knowledge and skills

  • Story characters
  • Story settings
  • Story structure
  • Building on others’ ideas
  • Creative thinking
  • Vocabulary development

Rachel Clarke, primary English consultant, trainer and writer, takes Monkey King’s Party and creates a raft of literacy resources for all ages.

Knowledge and skills

  • Story characters
  • Story structure
  • Story settings
  • Peer evaluation
  • Developing vocabulary
  • Creative thinking
  • Working as a team
  • Building on others’ ideas
  • Reading with expression
  • Instructional writing 
  • Writing techniques

The Christmas Wish has lots of potential for exciting literacy work. Here are some ideas for exploring The Christmas Wish, with writing ideas by class teacher Katie Gane.

Use our 'Sea words' resource sheet for looking at shades of meaning with words describing different kinds of waves.

Look at how colours can be linked to words and talk about the shades of meaning.

Use these word cards to give children inspiration for their woodland writing.

Talking about the size of the universe is a great time to improve children’s vocabulary relating to size.

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