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Use these planning resource sheets to help keep your class’s film productions on track.

Use our editable playscript in drama activities or for a full-scale production.

Ranjit’s Rainbow Tigers playscript can be used for one-off activities, as it stands for class productions or rewrite it and make it your own!

Recreate our Sports Day on Mount Olympus adventure with this editable playscript. 

Recreate our Space Story adventure with this editable playscript.

Perfect for your Christmas production or scaled-down class assembly production, our editable playscript can be adapted for as few or as many children or you need to accommodate.

Recreate The terrible tale of the Lambton Worm with this editable playscript. 

The official language in Madagascar is French. Here are some useful phrases to use if you are devising a French puppet show.

Use these colour and cut out templates to make stick puppets for a puppet performance of A Grub’s Tale.

Use our editable playscript in drama activities or for a full-scale production.

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