Knowledge and skills

  • Character analysis
  • Role-play and drama
  • Story writing

Take a closer look at the characters in Sports Day on Mount Olympus and develop them through drama and writing. Based on ideas by classteacher Corrina Burge.

Knowledge and skills

  • Living in the wider world
  • Health and well-being
  • Role-play and drama 

Firefighters come to the rescue in our story and quickly douse the woodland fire but who told them about the fire?

Knowledge and skills

  • Living things and their habitats
  • Animals
  • Minibeasts
  • Role-play and drama
  • Designing and making
  • Speaking and listening

Every creature, whatever its size, deserves our care. Try out Bel Deering’s activity ideas to teach children about the smallest woodland inhabitants and how to treat them respectfully.

Knowledge and skills

  • Working together
  • Creative thinking
  • Speaking and listening
  • Planning
  • Storytelling
  • Peer evaluation

What possible value can be gained from a picture book about a bunny for an upper Key Stage 2 class? Here we look at using picture books with older children.

Knowledge and skills

  • Modern foreign languages
  • Speaking and listening
  • Role play and drama
  • Living in the wider world
  • Planning
  • Organising

There’s nothing like visiting a country to learn its language. But the next best thing is to bring that country to you. Teacher Maggie McNulty, shows you the way.

Knowledge and skills

  • Story characters
  • Vocabulary development
  • Speaking and listening
  • Drama and role play
  • Empathy

Children are bound to warm to Monkey King’s roguish charm – and his multi-faceted character offers lots of scope for creative discussion and drama.

Knowledge and skills

  • Working as a team
  • Planning
  • Organising
  • Creative thinking
  • Negotiating
  • Role play and drama
  • Performing

Letting children explore the myriad of roles involved in making a film gives them critical insight into just what goes into making their favourite blockbuster.

Recreate our Sports Day on Mount Olympus adventure with this editable playscript. 

Use our editable playscript in drama activities or for a full-scale production.

Use these planning resource sheets to help keep your class’s film productions on track.

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