Our downloadable snow fact cards are ready for children to add their own illustrations. Print out or use on tablet computers.

Also available with text and images, image only and as a blank printable template.

Our downloadable Australian animal fact cards are ready for children to add their own illustrations.

Knowledge and skills

  • Living in the wider world
  • Sustainable living
  • Art and design techniques
  • Designing and making
  • Using a wide range of materials

Harness the creativity of the sea and create a display of marine-themed art in your classroom.

Knowledge and skills

  • Designing and making
  • Art and design techniques
  • Using a wide range of materials

Collect your single socks, get your glue gun at the ready and create your very own Lambton Worm hand puppet.

Knowledge and skills

  • Myths and legends
  • The work of artists, craft makers and designers
  • Significant individuals in history
  • Romans in Britain
  • Historical concepts
  • Historical enquiry
  • Critical thinking

Can we separate the history from the myth surrounding Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni?

Knowledge and skill

  • Seasonal changes
  • Plants
  • Animals
  • Living things and their habitats
  • Local environments
  • Designing and making

Use vibrant spring the late days of summer, emerging autumn and creeping winter to inspire natural art and stunning woodland displays.

Knowledge and skills

  • Art and design techniques
  • Designing and making
  • Using materials

Snowy weather is a great way into collage work for all ages. Collect coloured scraps, then cut, tear, curl, fold, arrange and away you go.

Use the photos of Lord Thomas Thornycroft’s Boudicca statue as part of an historical investigation.

Information and activity ideas based on Picking Peaches by Dong Guang Rui.

Learn all about the artist Gabriella Possum Nungarrayiand her painting Bush Fire Dreaming.


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