The colour of the seasons

The colour of the seasons © dianamower -

Use vibrant spring the late days of summer, emerging autumn and creeping winter to inspire natural art and stunning woodland displays.


There are many changes in spring as woodlands start to emerge from the dormant days of winter. As the ground starts to thaw and days begin to get longer, the first signs of woodlands waking from their winter slumber are fresh shoots emerging from the ground, sap starting to rise and buds sprouting on bushes and trees. Some of the first insects will begin to surface; bees and the first butterflies can be seen, as can frogspawn floating on the surface of ponds. Many shades of green begin to appear.

Fresh and vibrant, spring is the ultimate time of renewal. Woodland flowers such as snowdrop, celandine, coltsfoot, wood anemone and bluebell closely follow the green shoots. Go out into a local wood or parkland and see if you can identify any of these flowers and buds. Take close-up photographs and then see if you can recreate the images, using paint and collage and use as a springtime display.

Spring weather

Lots of showers interspersed with bright intervals is the perfect recipe for plant growth. Light and water are the main requirements for emerging plant life.

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