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Show the children the risk assessment form you use for school visits.

Track Monkey Kings behaviour as the story develops. Is he a goodie or a baddie?

A Trading Week or Enterprise Fair is a great way to encourage creativity and enterprise, as well as providing a valuable 'real-life' context for developing literacy and number skills.

Jo Bowers, senior lecturer in primary education, finds an ocean of critical thinking themes in Tao and the Kingdom of Pearls.

Rediscover the legend of Robin Hood alongside our time-traveller, Amadeus Jones, and then get those critical thinking gears in motion.

Can we separate the history from the myth surrounding Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni?

If the Lambton Worm were real, where would it fit into the animal kingdom? Teach children about classification and help them develop the skills of supposition and hypothesis.

Literacy Shed's Rob Smith takes a fresh look at our terrible tale by putting the Lambton Worm on trial. Are story villains always guilty as charged?

Stephen Lockyer helps us develop deep understanding in Rosa’s Code.

Twitter not for you? Well, there’s nothing like real world experiences to bring a topic to life... and technology often has the answer. Let’s begin by exploring just how much Twitter can add to your Space topic.

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