Find the kangaroo

Use this resource with the Find the kangaroo lesson from our Australia topic.

Get prancing, dancing, strutting and striding with our ‘Find the kangaroo’ game.

Let all but one of the children pick out one of the action words from a hat. They must keep their word secret. In among the action words is the word ‘kangaroo’. Whoever picks that word has to bounce like a kangaroo. All of the other children should act out their word.

The actions are:

  • Prancing – a bouncy gallop, like an excited horse
  • Dancing – skipping, jigging and twirling
  • Strutting – walking vain pompus way, head up, chest thrown out
  • Striding – walking with long steps.

The one chosen to not pick out the word has to tap each child on the shoulder and guess what action they are doing. If they are right the child sits down. Carry on like this until all of the children’s actions have been identified.

Find more ideas in the outdoor play lesson, ‘Strut, balance and bounce’.

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