South Pole challenge

Use this game as a fun way to recall what children have learned about Captain Scott.

You can play this outside or in the school hall. You will need to prepare the hall or playground by hiding two sets of four or five 'caches' (one for each team) representing food, transport, fuel, extra warm equipment and so on. Work in two teams. One will be Amundsens Norwegian team and one will be Scott's team. Ask the children about what they have learned in their Scott project. There are some starter questions but you can of course add your own according to your class research focus. Each time a team gets a question right they can move forward and they can jump ahead in your pre-organised trek. Occasionally a team might receive a 'lucky' or 'unlucky' card instead of a question, in which case they just need to follow the instructions. See which team makes it to the South Pole first.

Use in conjunction with ‘Captain Scott: Hero or fool’ lesson.

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