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Question time

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Knowledge and skills

  • Comprehension
  • Discussing books
  • Asking questions
  • Vocabulary development
  • Critical thinking

Comprehension activities don’t need to be dull – try out some of these quick ideas from Nicky and Ginny of Morris and Simmons Education, then put children’s knowledge and understanding to the test with a class quiz finale.

Good comprehension is an essential part of being a good reader. Only with good comprehension skills will children develop a love of reading and appreciate how books can open up new worlds and unlock new learning. Sadly, children often see comprehension activities as arduous and boring. There’s nothing that will turn a child off a book more than hunting through its pages to find the answers to a list of uninspiring questions. So how can we breathe life into the teaching of comprehension and help children to understand its purpose? And how do we get the balance right between delving into a story so that children fully appreciate it and overanalysing and dissecting it to a point where the simple joy of reading is lost?

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