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Knowledge and skills

  • Myths and legends
  • Vocabulary development
  • Storytelling
  • Story structure
  • Story settings
  • Speaking before writing
  • Role-play and drama
  • Presenting
  • Planning and drafting
  • Performing
  • Comprehension
  • Character, plot and setting

Louise Dobson explores the main characters in The terrible tale of the Lambton Worm through words, pictures and drama.

The terrible tale of the Lambton Worm is an action-packed, humorous story that brings to life the legend of Young Lambton and his fierce battle with the sheep-snaffling, child-terrorising Lambton Worm. This legend is bound to get your class excited and enthralled by events that (allegedly) happened in our very own country!

Young Lambton – the boy

After your first reading of the story, read the description of Young Lambton and highlight the words and phrases that describe him. Think about the beginning of the story first. What do the children think about the Lord’s son at the beginning of the story? How would they describe him to someone who hadn’t read the story?

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