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Knowledge and skills

  • Character analysis
  • Character, plot and setting
  • Comprehension
  • Discussing books
  • Group discussion
  • Reading widely
  • Speaking and listening
  • Story characters
  • Story structure
  • Themes and conventions

The story for our Books topic, Ferdinand Forest and the pirate pickle, tells the tale of school boy Ferdinand Forest who finds himself in a quandary after discovering that he’s read the last in a series of pirate stories by favourite author Jim L Fargo. While trying to figure out what to read next, Ferdinand tumbles into the final book, where he is caught up in his fictional friends’ swashbuckling adventures.

A story within a story

Begin by familiarising your class with the story. It will take about 30 minutes to read aloud so you may want to do this over two or three sessions. Once you have read the story through, discuss the main ideas with the class. Tell the children that there are no right and wrong answers – you’re interested in their opinions.

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