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Beyond belief: Fact or fiction

Beyond belief: Fact or fiction © Wendy Anne Hawkes

Knowledge and skills

  • Animals
  • Research
  • Using secondary sources
  • Asking questions
  • Note-taking
  • Working in teams
  • Critical thinking
  • Presenting

Turn your class into super sleuths with an enlightening fact-finding mission that will really get their ‘little grey cells’ working.

How the platypus got its shape is a great starting point for some interesting investigations. Discuss with the children about how they think they should gather facts. Where do they go when they want to find things out? Their friends? Family? School staff? Library? The internet? Discuss how and where they could research a topic. How do they think researchers for non-fiction books, TV or Wikipedia, work, for instance? Explain that researching is a bit like being a detective – it’s all about getting at the truth.

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