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We know how financially hard it can be in your student and NQT years. That’s why we give students and NQTs a whopping 50% off a Springboard Stories subscription and 25% off resources in our shop. And once you’re established as a teacher, we hope that you’ll stay with us.

So, put literacy, storytelling and critical thinking at the very heart of your teaching and buy a 12-month subscription to Springboard Stories.

You'll get access to all of our existing topics plus access to all of our future books and topics over the next 12 months. A subscription allows you to use our digital resources on up to 35 workstations at any one time. Perfect for any class.

How to get your discount

To be eligible for a Student and NQT discount you must enter:

  • your university
  • student number and
  • course start date

as you sign up. Then just enter ‘SNQT in the Voucher box on your way through the checkout to get 50% off! (A Springboard Stories subscription is usually £47.50 but you can buy for £23.75.)

Please note: You cannot pay by 'Schools requisition order' for Student and NQT subscriptions.

Duration: 12 months
Price: £23.75

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Buying from our shop

If you're buying items from the Springboard Stories shop enter ‘SNQT in the Voucher box and your discount will be applied.

Please note: You cannot pay by 'Schools requisition order' when purchasing as a Student or NQT.


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