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Talking about bereavement

Knowledge and skills

  • Health and wellbeing 
  • Relationships
  • Speaking and listening

Ranjit’s Rainbow Tigers tells the tale of how two people at either end of the generations can help each other and be friends.

Along with the ‘helping people’ theme, reading the story of Ranjit’s Rainbow Tigers may prompt some children to talk about their grandparents and, for some, it may stir up feelings of loss.

For many children hearing news of the death of a grandparent will be the first encounter of mortality they will have had. The very thought of death can be bewildering and may spark many questions. It is important not to use analogies such as sleep when talking about death with children as this can cause confusion and anxiety. It is also important to remember children’s religious views. Using phrases such as, ‘Some people believe that…’ is perfectly acceptable when talking about what happens after you die.

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