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Sport and books do mix, as this varied selection of fiction and non-fiction titles shows. Children’s book expert Anne Faundez reports back on some of the best sport-related reads.

Talk to your class about what it takes to be a critical thinker with this cool school infographic.

There are many ways to use these resources in class – for storytelling, sequencing activities, making a story map, exploring plot, character and setting, displays, in creative writing... the only limit is your imagination.

Alexia is the only normal kid in a school for gods. What hope does she have on sports day? What with Hermes whose feet barely touch the ground and Artemis with her golden bow – not to mention Apollo, Hera and Zeus – she has no chance. Or has she?

Recreate our Sports Day on Mount Olympus adventure with this editable playscript. 

Cut out the sentences and arrange the main events of Sports Day on Mount Olympus in the correct order.

Great ideas for stimulating writing for use in a topic on sport.

Explore six of the gods mentioned in Paul Mason's story with these Olympian god profile sheets.

These words taken from the Sports Day on Mount Olympus by Paul Mason are often misspelled.

Help the Olympian gods spot the errors in their writing using this spelling and grammar exercise.

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