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Help the children explore the feelings athletes might feel at the start at the race using this senses grid. 

Great ideas for stimulating writing for use in a topic on sport.

Cut out the sentences and arrange the main events of Sports Day on Mount Olympus in the correct order.

A simple story structure sheet for Sports Day on Mount Olympus.

Reward your Early Years and KS1 storytellers with this Sports Day on Mount Olympus themed certificate.

Reward your KS2 storytellers with this Sports Day on Mount Olympus themed certificate.

Recreate our Sports Day on Mount Olympus adventure with this editable playscript. 

Read through the 'Good sport' closing thought and talk about the ideas in it during your class or school assembly.

Making waves juxtaposes the modern-day story of a paralympic athlete with the fictional 1948 commentary of the first Paralympic Games.

There are many ways to use these resources in class – for storytelling, sequencing activities, making a story map, exploring plot, character and setting, displays, in creative writing... the only limit is your imagination.

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