Children will have fun making and decorating their own Kamishibai theatres.

Knowledge and skills

  • Art and design techniques
  • Designing and making
  • Drawing
  • Working as a team

Who knows what the weather will bring? Corrina Burge, classteacher in Birmingham, shares some ideas for outdoor play in all wintry weathers.

Knowledge and skills

  • Story settings
  • Physical geography
  • Locational knowledge
  • Map skills
  • Weather and climate
  • The work of artists
  • Art and design techniques

Where in the world is our story set? Explore the colourful landscape of Australia then use traditional art techniques to make a map of the area.

Knowledge and skills

  • Working in teams
  • Planning
  • Speaking and listening
  • Creative thinking
  • Drawing

Creating your own weird wildlife with this collaborative ‘Creature consequences’ lesson.

Knowledge and skills

  • Research
  • Poetry writing
  • Locational knowledge
  • Physical geography
  • Human geography

You’ll be amazed at the quality of writing that recreating an Australian landscape in your school inspires.

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