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Scott: hero or fool?

Scott: hero or fool? H.R. Bowers © Royal Geographical Society

Knowledge and skills

  • Significant individuals in history
  • Significant events in history
  • Enquiry skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Working as a team

Introduce Captain Scott's epic voyage to the South Pole with our audio resource.  

Listen to our audio recording (see below – two versions available) which is a fictional interview with Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s wife, set at the beginning of her husband’s fated voyage to Antarctica. Why not set the scene for learning about this historical adventure by pitching a pop-up tent in your classroom, corridor or hall? Small groups of children can then sit inside the tent to listen to the podcast on an MP3 player or tablet computer. Give the tent the feel of an expedition by adding small touches such as sleeping bags, tins or packets of food, instruments such as a compass, an empty diary and warm clothes.

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