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Our downloadable Madagascan animal fact cards are ready for children to add their own researched facts.

Our downloadable Madagascan animal fact cards are ready for children to add their own illustrations.

Talk about pollination then test what has been learned by using this 'Insects that pollinate' resource.

A supplemental cross quiz that will help solidify knowledge after learning all about vanilla.

How much of A Grub’s Tale has been remembered? Our quiz is split in two with closed and open questions and will really get the children thinking.

Our Madagascan assembly can be used as a way to help children to showcase the work they have done on Madagascar. 

Use the story map to help children visualise the key events in A Grub’s Tale.

Can children work out how the conversation between Grub and the Blue-legged Mantella Frog might have gone better?

Use these colour and cut out templates to make stick puppets for a puppet performance of A Grub’s Tale.

Start your topic with A Grub's Tale, a life cycle story that looks at the fascinating island of Madagascar.


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