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Work out how much leaf our little grub has left at the end of the day with some simple addition and subtraction of fractions.

The official language in Madagascar is French. Here are some useful phrases to use if you are devising a French puppet show.

The Vanilla Princess is a Mayan tale about the story of the creation of the vanilla plant.

Our downloadable Madagascan animal fact cards will help start children off on their voyage of discovery of Malagasy animals. Use on the whiteboard or on tablet computers.

Also available with or without text and images and also as a blank printable template.

No slideshow could do justice to the treasure of creatures that live on the island of Madagascar but these beautiful images are a great starting point for further investigation.

The intriguing story of growing vanilla in Madagascar is a very tasty subject for study and is the perfect springboard for looking at pollination.

Talk about the life cycles of the creatures in A Grub’s Tale.

Our image-only ‘Storytelling prompts’ for A Grub’s Tale are the perfect accompaniment to your storytelling lessons.

Our ‘Storytelling prompts' for A grub’s tale are the perfect accompaniment to your storytelling lessons. These prompts come with keywords.

Our downloadable Madagascan animal fact card templates make great class displays and are perfect for children to use when presenting their findings to the class.

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