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A perfect snowy game for reinforcing concepts of shape and size while exercising a bit of creativity along the way.

A treasure hunt maths activity. Use with the 'Spirals and pearls' maths lesson or use with your own maths sequencing activities.

All the data you need for the 'What a greedy worm!' activity in the 'Taking shape' maths lesson.

Challenge the children to name and list the properties of these 2D and 3D shapes.

Challenge the children to name and list the properties of these 2D and 3D shapes.

Work out how much leaf our little grub has left at the end of the day with some simple addition and subtraction of fractions.

A fun maths resource sheet based on a fictional trip to the monkey market.

Children can use this sheet to record how much fruit they will need for their own fruit salad recipe.

Demonstrate to children that human bodies are 'perfect' with these 'Golden ratio' resources.

Use this Codebreakers-themed 10x10 multiplication grid.

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