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Boudicca is often thought to be as much myth as she is historical figure. This resource has valuable background information for children about the Celtic queen.

Use the photos of Lord Thomas Thornycroft’s Boudicca statue as part of an historical investigation.

Can the children work out the hieroglyphic characters names on their 'Who am I?' sheets?


Our radio play is set on board Captain Cook's ship the HM Bark Endeavour. Version 1 has simpler vocabulary and is shorter than version 2, so is ideal for younger children.

Our radio play is set on board Captain Cook’s ship the HM Bark Endeavour. Version 2 has more advanced vocabulary and is slightly longer than version 1.

Visit a 1940s fish and chip shop with our time-travelling hero Amadeus Jones.

Go back in time and imagine the tales told on the walls of Ancient Egypt. 

This resource sheet features an excerpt about food on board HM Bark Endeavour written by Mr Perry, one of the ship’s doctors.

Get a taste for down under with these easy-to-bake biscuits.

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