Knowledge and skills

  • Significant events beyond living memory
  • Significant individuals in history
  • Critical thinking
  • Historical enquiry
  • Building on others' ideas

Use our short radio play and visual resources to set the scene and whet children’s appetite to find out more about the explorer Captain James Cook.

Knowledge and skills

  • Animals
  • Research
  • Using secondary sources
  • Asking questions
  • Note-taking
  • Working in teams
  • Critical thinking
  • Presenting

Turn your class into super sleuths with an enlightening fact-finding mission that will really get their ‘little grey cells’ working.

Knowledge and skills

  • Character empathy
  • Diversity and equality
  • Relationships
  • Circle time/PSHE
  • Learning from experiences
  • Listening and responding

How the platypus got his shape paves the way for some useful circle time discussion.

Knowledge and skills

  • Story structure
  • Plot, character and setting
  • Group storytelling
  • Note-taking
  • Research
  • Creative thinking
  • Role-play and drama
  • Peer evaluation

Try out these ideas to help your class understand the idea of narrative and to ensure that they get to grips with character, plot and setting.

Knowledge and skills

  • Research
  • Poetry writing
  • Locational knowledge
  • Physical geography
  • Human geography

You’ll be amazed at the quality of writing that recreating an Australian landscape in your school inspires.

Our radio play is set on board Captain Cook's ship the HM Bark Endeavour. Version 1 has simpler vocabulary and is shorter than version 2, so is ideal for younger children.

Our radio play is set on board Captain Cook’s ship the HM Bark Endeavour. Version 2 has more advanced vocabulary and is slightly longer than version 1.

Reward your KS2 storytellers with this How the platypus got his shape themed certificate.

Learn all about the artist Gabriella Possum Nungarrayiand her painting Bush Fire Dreaming.


A handy map of Australia to print or display on your whiteboard.


Australia resources

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