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Strut, balance and bounce

Knowledge and skills

  • Agility
  • Balance and coordination
  • Team games

Make the most of the outdoors and act out parts of the platypus story in the sunshine.

Find the kangaroo

Read How the platypus got his shape – do this outside if it’s a nice day. Talk to the children about what Platypus spent his days doing. Ask if anyone can demonstrate the actions highlighted on page 8 (beginning 'Now Platypus was very arrogant'). You might need to explain what each word means.

  • Prancing – this is like a bouncy gallop, like an excited horse
  • Dancing – skipping, jigging, twirling
  • Strutting – walking in a vain, pompous way, head up and chest thrown out
  • Striding – walking with long steps.

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