Australia topic magazine and posters

£ 3.25 each

How the platypus got his shape class readers

Our topic on Australia is packed with the strange and the fascinating. We use our How the platypus got his shape book to launch us on our journey. Platypus thinks he's the very best creature in town and his constant need for attention is driving the other animals mad. Oh dear, is he heading for a fall? 


  • The A2 poster is Bush Fire Dreaming by Gabrielle Possum Nungurrayi and includes a biography of the artist, and an art activity linked to the picture. 
  • A3 poster 1 –€“ shows some of our favourite Australian animals.
  • A4 poster 2 €– A thought-provoking image perfect as a story starter or science prompt. 

Media literacy: We look at the many roles involved in making a film. Which roles are the children in your class best suited to? 

Maths: Maths specialist Antonia Peters sets out some great maths activities for younger children looking at sets, symmetry and Venn diagrams.

Cross-curricular literacy: Our '€˜Land down under'€™ lesson will really set the scene for '€˜Exploring the story'€ and the PSHE ideas on the central theme of friendship are ideal for the start of a new school year.

Geography: Have fun mapping Australia and then applying what's been learned to mapping out your own local area Australian-style.

Critical thinking: Our 'Fact or fiction?'€™ lesson looks at trusting information sources –€“ vital in this information-rich world.

Music: Layer the simple rhythms of the indigenous people of Australia to make some beautiful music.